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  • Reaching, leading and mentoring children 

  • Coaching and Consulting individuals, organizations and companies. 

  • Speaking and Teaching @ conferences, events, seminars around the globe.



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mission & vision

No need is too small, no mind should be wasted, no voice should be silenced and no person is insignificant.  We are committed to reach, teach, lead and connect by empowering people to impact their world for change, advancement and transformation. 


Be the change you want to see in the world as encouraged by Mahatma Gandhi by connecting with us a partner, supporter, or client to make a difference, do better, get results, go higher and impact to those in your world.

It's been said, 'these are the best of times' and for some 'these are the worst of times.'

At Light The Way International, we believe it's the right time! We are so humbled and grateful to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and purpose-driven people on the globe. We are excited about making a difference for lasting change, advancement and transformation. 

Connect with us today to get you started! " 

2009 - Ms. Samuel accepts the challenge to establish a regional outreach presence of a world-wide organization covering five different states. 

2010 - By strategically focusing on the at-risk areas of the Greater Dallas, Ms. Samuel partners with some of the city's top children after-school and out-of-school programs to reach children for character and spiritual development. 

2015 -  Ms. Samuel forms partnernership with The Mentoring Alliance of East Texas to reach over 700 children and 20+ staffers through the Boy's and Girls Clu. 

2016 - Ms. Samuel establishes Light The Way International to expand in reaching, teaching, leading, and connecting people to impact their world, fulfill their destiny and make a lasting difference. 

2018 and beyond - Ms. Samuel and Light The Way Internatinal continues to serve as Chieft Inspirational Officer and a virutal COO to make an impact, lead improvement and be an agent for change in the lives of individuals, organizations and corporations around the globe.